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Bollywood sensation Deepika Padukone sizzles as a tez desi chori in Coca-Cola India's 2014 rickshaw ad featuring the Chennai Express actress and Farhan Akhtar. 

Deepika Padukone as a desi chori in the new Coca Cola ad
Image: YouTube still

The 50-second ad shows Deepika Padukone as an ambitious student chasing a bus with her friend on her exam day. A disappointed Deepika is seen moaning to her friend that she'll miss her exam and her father will get her married and she will spend the rest of her life doing mundane domestic chores.

Farhan Akhtar sporting moustache and aviator shadaes in the Coca-Cola ad
Image: YouTube still
That's when Farhan Akhtar, gulping on Coca-Cola decides to rescue her in his rickshaw. The trio are seen riding on his cycle rickshaw and reach the college ahead of the bus. 

Deepika flashes her smile at Farhan and thanks him and the ad ends with Farhan promising Deepika that she will never have to do mundane chores at home. A shy Deepika walks away and a happy Farhan gulps downs the remnants of the bottle to the new Coca-Cola slogan: "Choti ho ya badi, har khushi mein Coca-Cola". 

Deepika Padukone in Coca-Cola rickshaw ad
Image: YouTube still

The rustic ad is set in a small town in rural India with Deepika donning a pink printed patiala salwar kameez and her hair plaited back while Farhan Akhtar is seen sporting a moustache and aviator sunglasses. The cycle-rickshaw races ahead to the background score of earthy folk song. The ad is directed by Anurag Kashyap.

Farhan-Deepika in Coca Cola rustic advert set in a small rural town
Image: YouTube still

Deepika and Farhan have been paired together for the first time in the Cocal Cola ad but they were seen together before in the Bollywood thriller Karthik calling Karthik. 

A demure Deepika thanks Farhan in the Coca Cola ad for reaching college on time
Image: YouTube still

Deepika Padukone, winner of several awards for her back-to-back blockbuster movies in 2013 was roped in by Coca-Cola India in December 2013 for a reported fees of 4-crore-rupees-a-year. Deepika was picked to endorse Coca-Cola for her rising stardom and her mass appeal. The cola brand aims to boost its marketshare with the Ram-Leela actress' charm.

Deepika posts a picture of herself in the Coca-Cola promo on Twitter
Image: Twitter (Deepika Padukone)

Here's the Coca-Cola cycle rickshaw ad featuring Deepika Padukone and Farhan Akhtar:

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