Amisha Bhardwaj's ubercool dance to song Cheap Thrills is a YouTube fad

Watch Delhi bride Amisha Bhardwaj’s funky wedding dance video that is now globally viral

Archana Venkatraman

Indian brides are stereotyped to be demure, shy, muted and follow traditions during the long, festive weddings. But one Delhi bride Amisha Bhardwaj is rewriting the script. Her wedding dance video, filmed in Thailand, with bridesmaids on the song “Cheap Thrills” is going viral with more than 7.3 million views.

Bride Amisha Bhardwaj's cool wedding video dance to song Cheap Thrills is an instant hit

Amisha Bhardwaj is lip syncing to Sia’s popular song Cheap Thrills and is seen dancing with sun shades, shorts and bridal blouse coupled with wedding bangles and mehendi. The video, shot in Thailand,  shows Amisha having fun and having a cool swag alongside her bridesmaids as she grooves with a ubercool attitude. The video also includes flashes of her getting dressed for the big wedding ceremony donning the traditional jewellery and lehenga.

Here’s the video

Talking to BBC, Amisha said she is surprised the video has become an instant hit and is viral. She said the video was just about bride having some fun on her wedding day. While most comments on YouTube are from viewers congratulating Amisha on her wedding and also praising the cool video. However, some comments also question the choice of clothes (shorts and blouse) and dance moves.

Amisha thinks one reason the video is a superhit is because it breaks the stereotype of how Indian brides are and how they are expected to behave during their wedding.

The video is filmed by destination wedding photographers CoolBluez photography in just 40 minutes! The official video, uploaded by them on their YouTube channel says: “Ditch the Normal as Normal is boring. Grove with "Cheap Thrills" with our super cool bride dancing away while getting ready for wedding. 
This one is for all brides and their bridesmaids!!”

“We wanted to show the changing trends of an Indian Bride who is not submissive anymore but is her real self on her wedding day; enjoying the most important day of her life,” the company said on their blog.

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