England’s Paul Nixon offered £5m to ‘fix match’ by Indian businessman

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Source: Wikipedia (public domain)

Paul Nixon, former England wicketkeeper, has said he was offered £5m to fix a Twenty20 match by an Indian businessman.

Nixon’s revelation of an offer for match fixing came in an extract from his autobiography 'Keeping Quiet', published exclusively in the Mail on Sunday.

Nixon was 100% certain he wasn’t going to accept the offer, “but kept bouncing the possibilities around in my head during the drive home,” he said in the excerpt published, dated July 1, 2012.

Identifying the obscure Indian businessman as “K”, Nixon said he was approached with the "absurd suggestion" in 2010.

Over a period of months, always in London but in different hotels, K’s interest never faded, Nixon wrote.

“Look, K, I’ve talked to the lads,” Noxon’s excerpt read. “We’re not interested. We can’t get involved.”

“K said calmly: ‘If you know anyone who might be interested, you have my number’,” Nixon added.
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