India election 2012: Narendra Modi secures sweeping victory in Gujarat

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Gujarat elections 2012: BJP's Narendra Modi wins for the fourth time
Gujarat elections 2012: BJP's Narendra Modi wins for the fourth time
Image: BJP image gallery for the press

BJP leader Narendra Modi has secured a thumping victory in the Gujarat state election to become its chief minister for the fourth consecutive term. Modi, the representative of BJP for Gujarat, won 115 seats out of the 186 assembly seats, making it a landslide victory for the Hindu nationalist politician.

On the contrary, rival party Congress won just 60 seats while independent parties won the other six seats in the Modi state.

Modi, who has been the chief minister for Gujarat since 2001, is one of the longest serving chief ministers of the state. The controversial leader was heavily criticised during the 2002 Gujarat for not resolving the violence. However, the leader has been praised for bringing industrial revolution and infrastructural development.

Although Modi secured a resounding victory in Gujarat state to be sworn in as its CM, BJO won two seats less than the last election.

Other states which held elections included the northern state of Himachal Pradesh where Congress won with a considerable margin – ten seats more than rival BJP.

 Polling in Gujarat was held on 13 and 17 of December in two phases as a record six-crore people turned up for voting.

“The people have given us a resounding mandate and I assure that we will leave no stone unturned to upholding the faith placed in us by the people,” Modi said on his official blog.

These people are the “real heroes of the election”, he added.


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