Indian cricketer Rahul Sharma tested positive for drugs

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Rahul Sharma
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Indian spinner Rahul Sharma’s cricketing career is in jeopardy as he faces arrest after testing positive for consumption of drugs in a party held on May 20, 2012 in Juhu, Mumbai.

Sharma, 25, and South African bowler Wayne Parnell, both IPL players, tested positive for drugs after Mumbai police busted the rave party held at Oakwood Premier Hotel in Juhu.

The police recovered more than 100 grams of cocaine and about 65 grams of cannabis (charas) from the party premises. It then detained more than 100 people at the party including Sharma, Parnell and other celebrities such as designer Rocky S, actor Apurva Agnihotri and his wife, and Bishan Singh Bedi's son Angad Bedi among others.

Out of 90 blood samples taken during the raid, the Mumbai police announced the results of 44 people including Sharma, Parnell on July 20. The police said that of the 44 detainees, only two tested negative and that both were women. The police did not reveal any names though.  

Earlier in June, the police had announced the results of other 46 members of the party and confirmed that 44 including Agnihotri, his wife, Bedi and designer Rocky S all tested positive. The two who were at the party but tested negative were Amrit Sagar, grandson of director Ramanand Sagar and Rahul Sughand, the police said.

At the time of the raid two months ago, both Sharma and Parnell vehemently denied consuming drugs.  

Sharma and Parnell both play for IPL team Pune Warriors.

Sharma is a right-handed leg-break and googly bowler. Following an impressive bowling performances in IPL 2011, Sharma demonstrated a promising career in cricket.

Sharma’s arrest is now inevitable, the police has said. He has been left out of Team India in its One Day International (ODI) match against Sri Lanka on Saturday, July 21, 2012 at Hambantota.

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