The 24 floors apartment block in Kensington continues to blaze through 9 hours after the fire started

London Grenfell Tower Fire – Key facts and pics

Archana Venkatraman

Huge fire tearing through a 24-storeyed apartment block - Grenfell Tower – in Kensington, West London has already claimed 58 lives. The death toll is expected to touch 79 as authorities confirm victims will 'never be identified' because of the intensity of the fire. 65 people are currently being treated in hospitals and the massive fire has almost left the building to a charred, hollow structure.

London Grenfell Tower fire
thick cloud of smoke and ash as Glenfell Tower blazes
Picture of the smoke seen from afar on Wednesday morning
Locals came together quickly to provide basic amenities to the victims, now homeless
Brave firefighters take a moment to reflect on the extraordinary fire and their heroic rescue efforts. Most firefighters worked all night
Local churches and mosques turned into shelter for the needy


  • 58 people are confirmed dead with toll likely to rise to 79. 30 people are still being treated in London hospitals with 17 people reported to be in a critical state. Several people are still missing or unaccounted sparking fears of never being able to be identified.
  • Building continued to blaze, even 12 hours after it started just before 1:00am local time on Wednesday. The fire spread almost to all floors quickly. Fire engine, fire fighters, police and ambulance arrived at the site immediately and were evacuating people for three hours.
  • In total 65 people were rescued by fire fighting team including children.
  • The tower block contains 120 flats is managed by Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation (KCTMO) who recently finished a multi-million pounds worth of refurbishment to the tower block.
  • 40 fire engines were squirting water and about 200 firefighters risked their lives to rescue people including women and children.
  • Police cordoned off the immediate area in fear the building, burnt to the core, would collapse. Following full risk assessment, it is now said that the tower will not collapse.
  • The cause of the fire is not yet known and the refurbishment company said it carried out the work and met all necessary 'buildings requirements'.
  • The number of casualties is not yet fully known but many more are feared dead and trapped inside the building
  • Eyewitnesses say they were helpless and that they had never seen fire of this scale and magnitude. People said they were fully covered in ash even 100 metres away from the block and the smoke could be seen from very far.
  • Those trapped on the top floors were screaming from their windows seeking help. They were not able to escape from the front door because thick smoke engulfed the corridors to even escape.
  • The emergency number for anyone concerned about residents living there is 0800 0961 233 and this is set by Met Police.
  • London Mayor Sadiq Khan has described it as a “major incident” and areas around the tower has been cordoned off. Tube line Hammersmith and City line and Circle line are suspended around the area.
  • PM Theresa May has said she will launch a full investigation into the unfortunate incident as Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn asks May to comment on the tragic incident.
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