On average, annual salaries are £10,000 higher in London than elsewhere in the UK

London rated as most fulfilling place to work in the UK, shows Randstad report

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Many NRIs and other Asian professional migrants flock to London and New York in search of big career opportunities. A study from recruitment agency Randstad has found that the UK capital is not just on top of the pile for pay and career benefits but is also the most fulfilling place to work in the UK.

London rated most fulfilling place to work in UK

Randstad’s research-based report Fulfilment@Work revealed that a staggering seven out of 10 Londoners say they are professionally fulfilled compared to just over 5 Londoners citing fulfillment in 2013. And the number is growing as the capital’s work culture matures and as trendy workplaces such as Silicon Roundabout and Shoreditch become hubs for cool, geeky, young and ambitious professionals.

Perks of living in London

Randstad took the research one step further and looked in even more depth at Londoners’ top priorities when it comes to looking for a job. Londoners are more interested in whether a job offers career progression opportunities (39%), if the organisation has strong values (13%), promotes diversity (13%), offers quality products and services (12%) and uses the latest innovative practices (9%) than elsewhere in the UK.

London attracts a sophisticated type of jobseeker – one that cares about diversity, the environment and values of their employer, the study showed. And of all the careers to choose from, Professional Services was voted the most attractive sector to work in by Londoners. Even workers across the country were asked where they thought they’d achieve the highest job satisfaction, over a third (34%) said London.

More than half of respondents (55%) said they thought they could earn more in the capital. They were right, too. On average, annual salaries are £10,000 higher in London than elsewhere in the UK. According to data released by the Office for National Statistics, the median gross annual wage for people working in inner London is £34,473 – compared to just £22,044 across the UK as a whole. If you are a savvy, forward-thinking individual recently migrated to London from India, you can be assured that it has the potential to progress your career.

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