Opened in 2015, Thakers - the vegetarian Indian chaat and lunch restaurant is worth a visit

Review: Thakers Hounslow – One more Mumbai chaat joint on Hounslow Central High Street

Archana Venkatraman

Opened in 2015, Thakers Mumbai chaat place offers all the usual dishes – Bhel Puri, Pani Puri, Sev Puri, Dahi Batata Puri, Pav Bhaji, Dabeli, Bombay sandwiches, Lassis, Masala Chai and more at similar prices as Shree Krishna Vada Pav giving Indian street food lovers another credible alternative to choose from when in Hounslow. We also liked the very creative London meets Mumbai wall mural.

Thakers - The vegetarian Indian Street Food Haven
Thakers - The vegetarian Indian Street Food Haven

Thakers, the all-vegetarian Mumbai street food joint has been in operation just over nine months on Hounslow Central High Street. Its "wagamama-style" seating arrangement, spacious and tasteful interiors, its lunch menu alongside Mumbai chaat dishes and the staff's warm hospitality is what distinguishes Thakers from its competition. Although India News Bulletin didn't feel the taste of Mumbai street food is exactly replicated in all the chaat dishes, we thought the food was indeed very tasty and had an endearing 'home-made' feel to it, giving a real choice to Mumbai chaat lovers seriously looking for alternatives.

Thakers Chaat Restaurant Interiors - where Mumbai meets London theme
Thakers Chaat Restaurant Interiors - where Mumbai meets London theme

Thakers's lunch dishes are currently more popular than their chaat dishes with its home-made style vegetarian offerings such as Rajmah-rice, Tindori sabzi, aloo-gobi etc. There's always a Curry of the Day and although Thakers do not have a website yet or a phone number, the team is quite active on its Facebook page answering questions on the Curry of the Day.

Variety of India-influenced drinks served at Thakers
Variety of India-influenced drinks served at Thakers

Thakers are also becoming popular at events where Indian street food is a desired option. They look experienced in delivering Indian food experiences at large scale at events such as birthdays, small parties etc.

Upside: It has a warm, clean, home-made style feel to it that appeals to its customers and its USP is the lunch menu that offer authentic vegetarian Indian curry dishes at affordable prices. How you feel after a meal is as important as how you feel while eating it to offer an honest review. India News Bulletin didn't have that queasy, spicy, heavy after-taste after eating Thakers' chaat making the experience pleasant and home-made like!

The food quantities are also generous and the ingredients feel fresh and hygienic and the staff is always willing to accommodate all the customization requests and get them right in the dishes. 

Downside: Thakers don't take phone orders or do delivery or have a website, so customers really need to go to the place, check out the menu and decide if they fancy anything or not. But if you are already on Hounslow High Street looking for a new taste in Mumbai chaat or fancy an authentic vegetarian Indian lunch – Thakers is a really good bet that won't disappoint.

If you are taking away food, they pack their Sev Puris, Dahi Puris in rectangular tin foil takeaway boxes giving you an instant feel of this doesn’t look right but the taste will reassure you it is!

India News Bulletin Top Tip: Go for the lunch menu to see what makes Thakers in Hounslow special, but if you fancy a Mumbai chaat bite, then go for Pav Bhaji or Dabeli which is closest to being authentic unless you are a big mint chutney fan as their bhel and sev puri have a minty taste to them! All in all, India News Bulletin really thought the food was tasty and will certainly visit another time!

Our Verdict: At almost the same prices as Shree Krishna Vada Pav for vegetarian chaat, Thakers is definitely worth giving a try for its chaat if you are looking for a refreshing option and a more relaxing ambience but it is definitely Thakers's lunch dishes that are winning hearts. You will also remember the service. And, don't forget the Masala Chai or Lassi to wash down your tasty treats as you enjoy the Mumbai-London wall mural!

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