Deepika Padukone's Tere Saath Tu ad for her Myntra All About You Clothing line is going viral

Watch why Deepika Padukone’s Tere Saath Tu Myntra ad is melting hearts

Archana Venkatraman

Deepika Padukone’s adverts always have an emotional connect. Her latest ad, Tere Saath Tu, for her own clothing line Myntra – All About You - is touching hearts and inspiring women to believe in themselves and celebrate their inner strengths. Scroll to the ad below*.

 Deepika Padukone's Myntra Tere Saath Tu Myntra All About you ad
Deepika Padukone's Myntra Tere Saath Tu Myntra All About you ad

 Deepika launched her own online clothing line Myntra - All About You in October 2015. Already popular for its simplistic design, Deepika is now taking the brand’s identity to new levels by associating it with women’s independence, self-confidence and dreams.

Deepika’s Tere Saath Tu soulful ad for Myntra is themed around inspiring women to believe in themselves and boost their self-confidence. It pays a tribute to women by saying “You are your own strength, the creator of your own destiny.”

The latest Myntra Tere Saath Tu ad is about three women with dreams, passion and ambitions. In the ad, Deepika is a professional actor, one woman (Bani) is a music lover and music teacher and the third woman is about to confess her love. The ad tracks how these three women overcome their fears and hesitance in each of their ventures and take bold, confident steps to achieve their objectives. The simple yet emotionally empowering ad closes with the lines: “All About Bani, All About Mahek, All About Deepika, All About You.”

Deepika Padukone’s adverts – be it her Tanishq jewellery ads, her NIKE ad or the latest Myntra ad – have a distinct trademark of an emotional connect or women-centric and the Tere Saath Tu ad continues that legacy. Its appeal is so popular that the ad is trending on Twitter.

Watch Deepika Padukone’s Myntra Tere Saath Tu – All About You ad and why it is melting millions of hearts:

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