Coupondekho's Indian website offers discount codes that can be used to shop on FLipkart, eBay, Myntra and Amazon India

Review: Coupondekho - one stop shop for discount coupons for online shopping in India

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Flipkart, Myntra, eBay and Amazon are changing consumers’ buying and shopping habits in India. As Indian customers become increasingly online-savvy and prefer to shop from their mobile devices on-the-go, Coupondekho provides quick access to active discount codes that can be used for online shopping across more than 1000 online brands.

Although there are many coupon sites offering free discount coupon code for different sites, many shoppers prefer Coupondekho offers for its current, valid and attractive discount coupons for free of cost.

The discount varies from 10% to 50%, depending on the offer from various shopping websites and is usually available for popular products including gadgets, travel products, electronic goods and home appliances among others. Online shoppers can save considerably using Coupondekho’s discount vouchers in easy steps.

Most online retailers offers free coupons on this site and provide very attractive discounts on their products. The scale of discount would vary from site to site and product to product. It is the right time to switch to online shopping and make the most of the deals offered.They maintain the current list of coupons and the expired ones are removed from the site. They come up with attractive offers every month and and season. Thus you will be able to get discounts on different gadget, clothes, electronics, purchase of travelling tickets, hotel bookings etc.

Featured Coupons:

When you visit their site, featured coupons would be listed on the homepage, making it simple and easy to find trending and related product discounts. users can get attractive deals like Amazon discount codes, BeStylish or Zovi coupons before they start shopping.

the coupons are categorised into various categories - fashion & lifestyle, electronics & gadgets and so on.

How to make use of the coupons?

Once you select an item that has to be purchased, make use of coupon code of the product and you would be provided maximum discount at the time of purchase. There is no risk in using these shoppers stop coupons, Trendin discount coupons and Fashionandyou coupons.

Can the same coupon be used for buying different products?

No, only one coupon is there for individual product.

How much discount would be provided?

The discount  varies on various products but there is nothing to worry as maximum discount would be offered to you by coupondekho.

How long can the coupons be used?

Monthly coupons have to be used during that month and other coupons are valid yearly.

India News Bulletin Verdict: Coupondekho is very user-friendly and offers quick, valid discount coupons that can be used by Indian online shoppers to save money while purchasing goods from Flipkart, eBay or Amazon India. The site is current, lively, full of pictures and easy-to-navigate sitemap.

Coupondekho currently does not have a mobile site or mobile app, but users can access the regular website (desktop-version) on their mobile devices and get the codes.

Going forward its founders are likely to make the site mobile-friendly if the demand for its coupons from mobile devices becomes high from Indian online shoppers.

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