Deepika Padukone and Prakash Padukone share valuable dad-daughter moments in Tanishq Divyam Diwali ad

Deepika Padukone-Prakash Padukone bond revealed in the emotion-rich Tanishq Divyam Diwali ad

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Deepika Padukone is making millions of her fans go 'awww' as she reveals the beautiful and deep bond and love she shares with her father and badminton ace Prakash Padukone in Tanishq Jewellery's Divyam ad filmed around Diwali theme. (scroll down for the full Tanishq Divyam ad video).

Deepika Padukone sharing magical moments with her father Prakash Padukone in Tanishq Divyam ad

The Bajirao Mastani star showed the power of her emotional appeal in the Tanishq Mothers Day ad with her mom – Ujjala Padukone. Once again, in the latest Tanishq Diwali Divyam ad, Deepika Padukone gives insights into her family's Diwali rituals.

Deepika Padukone getting emotional to see her diwali gift from her father - a Tanishq Divyam jewellery set

The ad starts with Deepika waking up to the sound of traditional Diwali crackers and her mother handing her a cloth to clean the house before even drinking her morning coffee. The skeptical Deepika is uninterested about the same Diwali routine year after year.

Deepika wearing the Tanishq Divyam heritage collection necklace in the diwali ad

The ad shows Deepika's mom making laddoos, dad making elaborate and colourful rangoli and family lighting traditional lamps together, share gifts and greet everyone Happy Diwali. Towards the end, Deepika finds her Diwali gift from her father as that has been a tradition followed in the family for many years. Deepika, in her Diwali finery, finds earrings and neck lace from Tanishq Jewellery's festive heritage collection – Divyam - with the words – "Have a great year, beta. Love dad." An emotional Deepika runs to hug her dad while wearing the jewellery. The ad ends with Deepika pulling her dad's cheeks and uttering the words "Agar Diwali aisi ho toh koi use kyun badle". Deepika's Tanishq Divyam ad with her dad and mom has touched 2 million YouTube hits

Watch Deepika Padukone and dad Prakash Padukone in Tanishq Divyam Diwali ad:

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