The Bajirao Mastani actress launches Tanishq collection in another heart-melting emotional advert

Ad videos: Watch Deepika Padukone launch Tanishq’s Queen of Hearts diamond collection

Archana Venkatraman

In another heart-touching and emotionally appealing advert, Tanishq’s brand ambassador Deepika Padukone has launched its Queen of Hearts diamond collection.

Deepika Padukone launches Tanishq's Queen of Hearts collection

The jewellery brand has released two videos on July 1st and 2nd – first weekend of July 2016.

In the first advert released by Tanishq, Deepika Padukone surprises her manager Amu by presenting her with a diamond set for a red carpet appearance.

Meanwhile, the second one captures the mesmerizing and enigmatic Deepika Padukone in her various moods titled: “Moods of a Queen”

Deepika Paudkone’s Tanishq ads are thought to touch people’s hearts. Previously, she has filmed a Tanishq Jewellery ad with her mother for Mother’s Day occasion and one with both her parents celebrating Diwali traditions.

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According to Tanishq, its Queen of Hearts diamond collection represents a “delicate, enchanting designs that complement a woman’s radiance in every way.”

“With diamonds inspired by royalty, her regal flair compels one to acknowledge her presence. Many a luminous secret held within, she is the epitome of grace, refinement and brilliance.” The Queen of Hearts collection is available from 2.5 lakh-rupees.

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