Fashionista Sruti Sethuraman is passionate about animal-friendly yet trendy clothing

Indian-born Londoner Sruti Sethuraman named UK’s best dressed vegan by PETA

Archana Venkatraman

Indian origin fashion blogger Sruti Sethuraman has been lauded by PETA for her chic, animal-friendly outfits. Sruti was named UK’s Best Dressed Vegan for 2016 by the animal charity. She is now looking to launch her own vegan fashion brand.

Sruti Sethuraman shows how you can be fashionable and trendy without hurting animals

Londoner Sruti Sethuraman impressed PETA with an impressive array of sophisticated outfits that are completely free of animal-derived materials. The hunt for 2016 best-dressed vegan began with PETA conducting a web search, going through fashion blogs and social media to identify and honour fashion-conscious vegans. Sruti stood out for her chic and elegant yet animal-friendly wardrobe.

Sruti Sethuraman in chic yet animal-friendly outfit

“Sruti’s on-trend outfits show that dressing to the nines without hurting animals has never been easier”, says PETA Director of International Programmes Mimi Bekhechi. “We encourage fashionistas everywhere to take a leaf out of her look-book and choose beautiful, compassionate designs that don’t bleed.”

Indian-born Londoner Sruti Sethuraman wins PETA Best-Dressed Vegan award for 2016

Fashionista and blogger, Sruti is passionate about dressing well without harming a hair on an animal’s head. “The idea behind my blog is to inspire stylish dressing without the cruelty of wearing animal skins”, Sruti says. “My style is feminine and simple, and I love using colour to brighten up my outfits. I am also planning to launch my own vegan fashion brand soon!”

According to PETA, animals such as foxes, minks, and chinchillas are confined to tiny, filthy wire cages before being poisoned, electrocuted, or skinned alive in fur farms. The animal charity also estimates that every year, more than 1 billion animals are slaughtered in the global leather industry and that 30% of the world’s wool comes from Australia, where sheep farmers mutilate millions of lambs in a cruel procedure known as mulesing. Lastly, the exotic-skins industry kills millions of snakes, alligators, seals, zebras, and other animals. PETA promotes vegan dressing by highlighting the cruelty on animals for fashion and encourages more fashion-conscious people to make vegan clothing choices.

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