Kairichi dal (Vatli dal)

Preeti Deo
Summers are synonymous with delicious mangoes - raw (kairi) and ripe (amba). As we head to a balmy spring and summer sunshine, here's a recipe of Kairichi dal or Vatli dal -- a simple yet tasty dal that you can have hot or cold.
kairichi daal/vatli daal
kairichi daal/vatli daal


1 cup of chana dal soaked for couple of hours and drained

1/4 cup of grated raw mango

oil, mustard, curry leaves, hing for phodni(tempering)

turmeric 1 tsp

couple of green chillies chopped( or as you desire)

couple of red chillies( or as you desire)

shredded fresh coconut(I used dessicated coconut)

salt and sugar as per taste(sugar is to enhance the sour taste of mango)

chopped coriander to garnish

How to make kairichi dal or vatli dal:

Grind the soaked and drained chana dal roughly and keep aside.  My mixer grinder is broken hence, I had a tough time grinding in a puran yantra.

In a thick bottom pan, prepare a tempering with oil, mustard, hing and curry leaves. Add in a teaspoon of turmeric. To this add in the roughly ground dal. Stir and cover. Cook this dal for 4-5 mins. Add in the salt and sugar. Stir again. Cover and cook.

To this add in the grated mango, shredded coconut and mix.  The dal should be cooked until it's raw taste is no longer there. Turn the gas off.

Transfer the dal to a bowl, garnish with coriander and serve hot or cold.

Preeti Deo, India News Bulletin’s food expert, works in a Special Needs School and is passionate about cooking and experimenting with traditional Maharashtrian recipes.

Recently she has started a project whereby she is cooking up dishes following the recipes from the traditional Marathi cookbook Ruchira by late Kamalabai Ogale.

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