Maharashtra state government will now start work on the NW3 property to make it into Ambedkar museum cum memorial

Maharashtra Govt. buys North London property where Dr Ambedkar resided for £3.1 million

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In a significant move, India's Maharashtra government has finished acquiring a North London three-storeyed period property where Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar – the author of Indian Constitution - resided when studying at London School of Economics in the 1920s. It paid over £3 million for the property and will convert it into a memorial.

Ambedkar House - North London property bought by Maharashtra government for £3m

The total cost of the period property in NW3 and the corresponding legal procedures for the Maharashtrian government was to the tunes of 34.5 crore rupees, according to Dilip Kamble, minister of state for social justice.

The purchase was executed by Raj Kumar Badole, the minister for social justice on behalf of Indian government on Thursday, September 25th, 2015. The property - where Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar lived as a doctorate student studying at LSE in 1921-22 - is over 2,000 square feet at 10 King Henry's Road located at the desirable NW3 postcode. Having finished the purchase formalities, the government's ambition is to now start work on it to develop it as Dr Ambedkar International Memorial to honour his role as the architect of the Indian Constitution as well as to inspire visitors. The state government worked very closely with the High Commission of India's office in the UK to execute on the deal.

The sealed property deal makes Dr Ambedkar the first ever Indian to have a full house dedicated to him and turned into a memorial cum museum in London. As part of the plan to convert the property into a memorial, there will be a library and Ambedkar's memorabilia. It is thought that the UK-based Federation of Ambedkarite and Buddhist Organizations UK (FABO) had been instrumental in convincing the Maharashtra state government to strike a deal on the historic property with great significance for the Indian community.

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