PM Modi takes pride in the power of technology that Indian Diaspora is building to improve social lives

Narendra Modi's top Digital India Quotes at dinner with Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella at San Jose

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is on an official visit to the US, spent time with the who's who of Silicon Valley including Google's Sundar Pichai, Microsoft's Satya Nadella and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg. He also had a Digital India power lunch meeting with the select Indian community at San Jose.

Indan PM Narendra Modi at Digital India dinner at San Jose alifornioa attended by Sundar Pichai (Google) and Satya Nadella (Microsoft) at Digital Technology Dinner

 Here are Modi's top 12 quotes from the Digital Technology Dinner event in California:

  1. If Facebook were a country, it would be the third most populous one and the most connected
  2. Google today has made teachers less awe-inspiring and grandparents more idle
  3. Twitter has turned everyone into a reporter.
  4. The traffic lights that need to work the best are on CISCO routers
  5. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are the new neighbourhoods of our new world
  6. The status that now matters is not whether you are awake or asleep, but whether you are online or offline
  7. The most fundamental debate for our youth is the choice between Android, iOS or Windows
  8. Our government has attacked poverty by using the power of networks and mobile phones
  9. Pace at which people are taking to digital technology defies our stereotypes of age, education, language and income
  10. In this digital age, we have an opportunity to transform lives of people
  11. I see technology as a means to empower and as a tool that bridges the distance between hope and opportunity
  12. Social media is reducing social barriers

PM Modi opened his Digital India speech in California with the words: If there was ever a gathering under one roof that could claim to be shaping the world, it is this. And, I am not talking about those in public office, here or in India! It’s a great pleasure to be here in California. It is one of the last places in the world to see the sun set. But, it is here that new ideas see the first light of the day. 

Modi said: "Digital India is an enterprise for India's transformation." He narrated how technology and digitization is helping India empower its people. He said that in India, a mother in a distant hill village has a better chance to save her new born infant and a child in a remote village has better access to education – thanks to technology and the work big Silicon Valley startups and conglomerates are doing.

"A small farmer is more confident about his land holding and getting better market price. A fisherman on the sea has a better catch. 

Modi also highlighted the successful digital campaign baked by his government a few months ago in India called "Selfie with daughter". He said, it was an initiative by a father in Haryana for to draw attention to the girl child and that it became an international movement, thanks to social media facilitating the campaign and reach the globe. 

"All this is because of the work you people are doing." According to him, the Indian  government has attacked poverty by using the power of networks and mobile phones to launch a new era of empowerment and inclusion. "180 million new bank accounts in a few months; direct transfer of benefits to the poor; funds for the unbanked; insurance within the reach of the poorest; and, pension for the sunset years for all." 

"By using Space technology and internet, we have been able to identify in the last few months 170 applications that will make governance better and development faster."

Listen to Indian PM Narendra Modi's empowering speech about the role of technology in social development at the Digital India and Digital Technology Dinner in San Jose, California on September 27:

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