Priyanka Chopra's smooth armpit picture on Maxim India cover has made international news for setting "unrealistic" standards

Priyanka Chopra’s armpits are making news, but why?

Archana Venkatraman

When the special double issue of Maxim India’s June issue was published, it had a smoking hot Priyanka Chopra grace the covers. But fans and Twitterati were dismayed at the heavily “Photoshopped and smoothened armpits” of Priyanka Chopra in the photo. Much of the criticism was for setting “unrealistic armpits standards”.

Maxim India cover of Priyanka Chopra with heavily photoshopped armpits

The Maxim India June issue focuses on Priyanka Chopra’s international success and bills her as the “hottest woman in the world”. It features Priyanka Chopra in a black two-piece bikini with a halter neck. Priyanka is pictured holidng her pony tail with her left arm raised. The raised arm is heavily photoshopped by Maxim’s designers to smooth out Priyanka’s armpits causing rage among her fans, feminists and general public worrying about unrealistic body image standards set by media and entertainment industry.

Priyanka Chopra real armpits - no filter image

Priyanka Chopra, Padma Shri winner, is not just an immensely talented international actor currently basking in the glory of her successful American television series Quantico. She is also a goodwill ambassador for children’s education, especially girl children’s education and basic standards of living.

An actor who will never shy away from speaking the truth and setting realistic standards, Priyanka Chopra responded to her Maxim cover photo’s reaction by posting a picture of herself with both her arms raised billing it “no filters” and “will the real armpit please stand up”. She tweeted, “Here’s another "pit-stopping" picture to add to the debate.” Priyanka Chopra has just today ended her European tour promoting Quantico in London and Paris.

“This euro tour for Quantico has been so exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. Last day in Paris,” she said on Twitter on Wednesday. 

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