Train fire in Andhra Pradesh, death toll continues to rise

India News Bulletin Desk
Tamil Nadu Express on fire
Still: YouTube (AFP)

As many as 47 people have been confirmed dead after a coach of the Tamil Nadu Express caught fire as it was passing through Nellore station in Andhra Pradesh.

The S-11 compartment of the passenger train from Delhi to Chennai caught fire at 4.30am (IST) on Monday. The train was stopped and the coach was detached from the rest of the train to prevent the blaze from spreading.

Some panicked passengers jumped out of the train to escape the fire. They are now in hospital being treated for severe injuries.

While the cause of the blaze is still unknown, India’s Railways Minister Mukul Roy said sabotage could not be ruled out. Some authorities have suspected an electrical short circuit.

The railway ministry has confirmed that the relatives and families of the deceased will be entitled to a compensation of 5 lakh of rupees (£5,700).

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