Ms Archana Dave has launched a petition to bring dependent, retired parents to the UK

UK Indian lady’s petition to bring ageing dependent parents to Britain gathers steam

Archana Venkatraman

UK Indian citizen Archana Dave has launched a petition to allow retired dependent parents of British citizens in the UK. Ms Dave’s petition, opened on February 20th 2017 has gathered more than 20,400 signatures in 5 days, requiring a government response.

Ms Dave’s petition has received signatures from UK towns with sizable Indian population including Slough, Harrow East, Harrow West, Leicester, Feltham and Heston, Brent North, Ilford, East Ham, Ruislip and Pinner, Hayes and Harlington, and Watford among others.

UK Indian launches petition to bring retired dependent parents to the UK

In the petition, Dave writes, “All parents have rights to seek support from their children when they are retired and suffering health and financial issues. Not allowing them to come to UK is to take away their rights to live with their children in their old age.”

She continues: “Allowing them in UK will give the chance to their sons and daughters to fulfill their duty.”

Through a heartfelt petition, Ms Dave states that her unwell and ageing parents are fully dependent on her and she would like to get them to the UK to look after them. Her personal experience has prompted the launch of this petition.

However, it is not clearly explained in the petition if naturalized British citizens with parents abroad will pay for health services (NHS) for their dependent parents when they come here.

“Please support this good cause,” says Ms Dave in the online petition. The UK government responds to any petition that gets more than 10,000 signatures and considers for debate in Parliament any petition with 100,000 signatures.

The petition will last for six months until August 20, 2017 and is increasingly shared and forwarded on social platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp groups and Twitter, especially by Indians.

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