Elephant kills British man holidaying in Tamil Nadu

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A British tourist in India was trampled to death by an elephant when he was on a jungle tour at the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu states with rich wildlife reserves.

Elephants in Masinagudi forest where a British holidaymaker, Colin Manvell, was attacked
Image: Wikimedia Commons (Azad)

The man, named Colin Manvell from Hampshire was a retired teacher and holidays in India frequently. He was attacked by an elephant as he was trying to click pictures of the animal during his jungle safari tour at Masinagudi National Park in Mudumalai, Tamil Nadu, India.

According to reports, Manvell, 67, and the two guides entered “out of bound” areas during their safari tour to take pictures when the elephant attacked him. Manvel was admitted local Masinagudi hospital but passed away after his transfer to Gudalur Government Hospital.

Manvell was attacked by the elephant on his head with its trunk. The two guides escaped the attack from the charging elephant but police are likely to arrest them for entering sectioned-off section of the jungle.

But other reports claim that an elephant came charging at him during his trek but Manvell failed to see the animal approaching or hear other tourists warning him about it.

The Foreign Office has confirmed the “tragic death of a British national in southern India” and is providing consular assistance to Manvell’s family.

While the area is popular among tourists, death by animals is rare and this tragic incident took place because the holidaymaker entered the off-limit zone. In addition to his teaching profession, Manvell also worked at local tennis and squash clubs and his colleagues are shocked by the reports of his death.

Manvell was staying at Sagadevan resort nearby the national park. The area where he was killed is yet to be inspected by the local police.

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