Radhe Maa, the Indian godwoman has been investigated by police over her role in dowry harrasment

Radhe Maa: Controversies surround one of India's newest 'Godwoman'

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50-year-old Indian 'godwoman' Radhe Maa - who is always seen in bright red and gold sarees is being investigated for her connection in a dowry harassment case. Another controversy surrounding her involves images of her dressed in red short skirt and dancing provocatively to a Bollywood song leaked on social media.

Indian Godwoman Radhe Maa

Radhe Maa – born Sukhvinder Kaur in Punjab but currently residing in Mumbai - has been trending on Twitter in India, thanks to controversies including a formal complaint against her for her involvement in a dowry harassment case and complaints against her allegedly flippant and dubious business disguised as religion by many others. Radhe Maa has been denied bail by Mumbai police.

Leaked pics of Radhe maa in mini skirt and red knee-high boots

In addition, leaked pictures of her in a red mini skirt has further raised questions about her intentions.

Who is Radhe Maa

According to the tens of thousands of her followers, Radhe Maa is a spiritual leader with special powers and a reincarnation of goddess Durga. Her followwrs call her Mamtamai Shri Radhe Guru Maa.

Radhe Maa has a unique style of religious congregations and satsangs where she allows her devotees to dance with her, lift and carry her and even kiss her palms or cheeks. She is always seen wearing bright red sarees – similar to traditional North Indian wedding sarees or ones used to cover idols of Durga goddess. She also wears bright red lipstick, and a red long teeka and and a jewel-encrusted crown. She is also often seen to be carrying a gold coloured trident.

Although her followers and devotees insist that she has had spiritual powers since childhood, some sources from her village in Punjab report that they have never seen that side to her.

Married off at the age of 17, she had two sons and was supporting her husband's income with tailoring work. But when her husband moved to the Middle East in search of better opportunities, Radhe Maaseriously began exploring spirituality and realized her potential, according to her devotees.

Although her childhood background has been humble, Radhe Maa today is in charge of a trust that runs two ashrams where followers can donate and also owns a fleet of luxury cars in Mumbai.  

Radhe Maa's website also lists the godwoman's presence in the digital world to connect with her devotees across the internet. She has official Flick, Facebook, YouTube, Wordpress, Blogpost and Twitter accounts.

However, the organisers of Hindu festival Kumbh Mela barred Radhe Maa from attending it until she is cleared of all charges of dowry harassment. 

Here's the video of the interview she gave recently surrounding her controversies:

In the video interview with an Indian news channel, Radhe Maa denied all the allegations of dowry harassment against her. Her followers also came forward to say that pictures of her dressed in a red short skirt has been leaked and that it is Radhe Maa's private life. In the interview Radhe Maa also says that one of her sons is currently in Thailand shooting for a film where he is cast as the main lead. 

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