McDonald's follows Subway to open first vegetarian-only outlet in India

India News Bulletin Desk

World’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, McDonald’s, is opening its first vegetarian-only outlet in India’s Golden Temple area. The outlet will open by mid-2013, according to an AFP report.

A McDonald's outlet in Bangalore, India
Image: Wikimedia Commons (Rameshng)

The American fast food restaurant chain primarily sells beef-based burgers and chicken across the globe, but will alter its menu in its vegetarian shops to cater to the Indian community. A majority of Indian Hindus consider cow sacred and do not eat beef while most Indian Muslims refrain from eating pork. MacDonald’s can cater to a wider section of the population with its vegetarian-only outlet.

While it plans to open more vegetarian-only chains across India, the first store will be opened near the holy Golden temple which prohibits meat consumption at the shrine.

The vegetarian-special outlet from McDonald’s comes as its rival fast food chain Subway continues to alter its menu. It was reported that Subway is opening its first all-vegetarian outlet this month (September 4, 2012) in Jalandhar, Punjab.

Subway has been customising its menu in India and other Islamic countries and does not serve beef and pork-based dishes in India.

Although McDonald’s considers India as a relatively small market and has fewer than 300 outlets, the chain is looking to cash in on the rising consumerism and the young people’s eat-out culture.

The US chain’s Indian dish McAloo Tikki burger is very popular among Indians and makes up for 25% of its total sales in the country demonstrating Indians’ appetite for vegetarian burger options.

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