Prince Charles welcomes Ambanis at Windsor castle for British Asian Trust event

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Indian industrialist Mukesh Ambani and his wife Tina Ambani were both invited by Prince Charles to Windsor Castle among other guests to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the British Asian Trust – the UK charity that aims to transform lives of Asians.

Prince Charles welcomes Ambanis at Windsor castle for British Asian Trust event
Image: The British Asian Trust Charity

The Trust was founded in 2007 by British Asian business leaders under the suggestion of Prince Charles. The organisation works with South Asian non-profit organisations to improve the lives of the disadvantaged in Asia.

At its fifth anniversary, the Prince announced that Mukesh Ambani, the managing director and chairman of Reliance Industries, will become the chair of Indian Advisory Council – the Trust’s new in-country advisory councils.

These councils in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. are set up to provide the British Asian Trust with deeper country-specific insights for prioritising future social projects, the trust has said on its website.

On becoming the Chair, Ambani said that he will be “actively involved” in helping achieve the objectives of the Prince of Wales.

With his appointment as the Indian advisory chair, Ambani joins the likes of Arif Naqvi, the chair of the Trust’s Pakistan Advisory Council, Dr. Chris Nonis, the chair of the Sri Lankan Advisory Council and Tom Singh OBE, the chair of the Trust’s UK Advisory Council.

At Windsor Castle, Prince Charles, in his speech, said: “I was brought up surrounded by so many objects and pictures and stories about the sub-continent and about South Asia. I have a particular affection and interest in that part of the world and it has been remarkable how many people have come from there and established themselves here and have contributed to the life in the UK and made it a huge success.”

The British Asian Trust has linked the British Asian diaspora with the local social entrepreneurs and grassroots charities in South Asia to transform many lives in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the UK, the Prince added.

The Prince of Wales also highlighted the projects that needed immediate focus. These included mental health in Pakistan, entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka and empowering girls and young people to move into employment in India. 

(Image courtesy: UK's British Asian Trust Charity)

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