Hounslow borough to designate whole area as CDZ to stop antisocial behaviour

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London Borough of Hounslow is launching a public consultation to make the whole borough a controlled drinking zone (CDZ) this summer. The move is designed to stop antisocial drinkers causing crime and antisocial behaviour.

Hounslow High Street
Image: Wikimedia Commons (Danny Robinson)

The CDZs are places where public drinking is restricted and the scheme will give local police the authority to request people causing a nuisance or disorder to stop drinking alcohol, or even confiscate their drink. Refusal to comply with the police or the community support officers could mean a fine of up to £500.

Nearly 20% of Hounslow borough’s population is Indian. The borough includes Chiswick, Isleworth & Brentford, Central Hounslow, Feltham, and Heston & Cranford wards.

Its councilors agreed to begin a public consultation last week after it emerged that the five CDZs currently in operation in Hounslow have helped reduce the levels of alcohol-related crimes and antisocial behaviour.

Currently, selected roads in Hounslow Central, Hounslow Heath, Hounslow West are all CDZs.

"This is not about stopping people enjoying a drink in the park on a summer evening. This is about giving police the power to stop the antisocial behaviour that is often associated with excessive alcohol consumption in public places,” said councilor Ed Mayne, also the cabinet member for community safety and regulatory services.

The decision to launch a consultation is also the result of local police’s concerns that they are powerless to take action on problem drinkers moving to areas just outside the zone.

“A borough-wide CDZ will help prevent this displacement and reduce crime, whilst letting those people who drink responsibly continue to enjoy our open spaces,” Mayne said.

As well as giving the police the power to deal with antisocial behaviour, the proposals would help them refer street drinkers to organisations that can provide help and support, the council hoped.

The consultation will give residents the chance to share their views and their feedback will be included in a report back to the council to make a final decision on whether to make the whole of Hounslow borough as a CDZ.

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