St Albans Indian restaurant Veer Dhara chuffed as Tom Cruise pops in for curry

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Tom Cruise at Indian restaurant Veer Dhara for curry
Wikimedia Commons (Diomede)

American actor Tom Cruise pleasantly surprised the team at Indian restaurant Veer Dhara in St Albans when he casually popped in for a curry dinner on Tuesday, August 21.

“@TomCruise Veer Dhara was privileged to host you last night,” the restaurant’s Twitter page read.

Cruise - who is in Hertfordshire for his latest film All You Need  is Kill - was at Veer Dhara at around 10pm BST with about ten others and enjoyed an Indian meal of chicken tikka masala among others.

Following the meal, Cruise decided to use his American Express credit card to settle the bill but unfortunately Veer Dhara does not accept American Express cards. Another member from the group settled the bill of about £220 and the group left a generous tip of almost £80.

Darshit Hora is the owner of Veer Dhara Indian restaurant in St Albans since September 2009. 

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