Indian Army officer Kuldip Singh Brar who led Golden Temple raid stabbed in London

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Retired Indian Army officer Kuldip Singh Brar -- who commanded the controversial Operation  Blue Star raid at the Golden Temple between 3 and 6 of June 1984 -- was stabbed in London on Sunday, September 30.

Controversial military operation codenamed Blue Star was led by Kuldip Singh Brar
Image: Wikimedia Commons (Oleg Yunakov)

The Lieutenant General suffered serious injuries after four men attacked him in the popular on Old Quebec Street in the Oxford Circus area on Sunday night. Brar was under doctors’ observation the whole night but was discharged on Monday, October 1 as he did not suffer from any life-threatening injuries.

It is not yet clear if the men who attacked Brar were Sikhs or not and the police investigation is still on.

This is not the first time Brar has come under attack. There have been several previous attempts to attack him.

General Brar, who is now 78, commanded the Blue Star military operation which was aimed at getting rid of the Sikh separatists from the Golden temple in Amritsar after then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi ordered for it. The separatist militants were fighting for an independent homeland of Khalistan.

The operation led to the death of Sikh leaders Bhindranwale and Shabeg Singh as well as thousands of civilians including local men, women, and children and few army officials. The attack coincided with a Sikh annual event further hurting the community's sentiments.

Following the controversial military operation, General Brar has acknowledged that the operation hurt Sikh sentiments but insisted that it was not aimed at any religion but was aimed at a section of people.

He has also written a book -- Operation Bluestar: The True Story -- narrating his version of Operation Blue Star attack.


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