Ofcom to investigate Big Brother complaints involving Miss India UK

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Deana Uppal
Image: YouTube (ASIANA111)

Channel 5’s reality show Big Brother is facing investigations from media watchdog Ofcom after receiving more than 1000 complaints on incidents involving contestant Deane Uppal, Miss India UK title-holder.

Ofcom is launching the investigation after viewers complained about three separate incidents involving housemates.

The incident that prompted maximum number of complaints involved contestant Conor McIntyre, who was seen verbally abusing Uppal, behind her back.

McIntyre called Uppal a "piece of shit" in an episode that aired on June 25, on Channel 5.

Some viewers felt McIntyre’s outburst against Uppal amounted to bullying.

The watchdog has received complaints on two more incidents. The first incident involved contestant Caroline Wharram who called Adam Kelly, a black housemate, a "ridiculous gorilla". This incident occurred on June 28.

The second incident that prompted complaints occurred on July 4 on Big Brother's Bit on the Side show, the main show’s spin-off production.

Victor Ebuwa, a former Big Brother contestant who appeared on Big Brother's Bit on the Side called the housemated retards.

 Uppal, a 23-year-old glamour model has modelled in both the UK and India since she was 18.

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