Deepa Deosthalee

Deepa Deosthalee is a film critic and reviews movies across Bollywood, Hollywood, regional Indian cinema, feature films and international language films.

Deepa grew up to the masala movies of the '70s and has been writing about Bollywood for 15 years. She still can't decide if she likes it! Goes over the fence frequently to the side of Hollywood and world cinema, but always slinks back to home base. Loves Smita Patil, hates mushy romances and can talk films till her head spins... literally!

Deepa's extensive collection of reviews can be found on her site - Film Impressions - which aims to offer well-argued criticism, insightful interviews and a historical perspective to celebrate cinema. 

Deepa is a regular contributor to India News Bulletin's Cinemascope column. If you are a movie buff, you will enjoy reading her unique take on movies.